Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Blog

It has come time for me to get a new blog. For some unknown reason Google wouldn't let me change my email address.  I can change my name or my address, but it says you can never change your email on a blog.. Goofy, right???  So for all three of you that look at my blog the new blog is  I will keep this old one up for a while, but won't be posting anything new on here.  Thanks to those that look at my crazy blog and hope you follow the new one!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Family Christmas Party

 Okay, it's been a couple months since I have blogged last.  For those of you who look at my blog (thank you), you can see that I did not take any pictures for Thanksgiving.  Trying to do better at taking pictures.  So, we move on to Christmas.  Here is the Gibson family Christmas party.  Ember was so excited to sit on Santa's lap.  She wanted a bean bag chair and Rainbow Dash piggy bank.
 Tayson is getting to old to sit on Santa's lap.  Or so he thinks!!
 Sawyer was terrified of Santa this year.  She was not happy with me after I put her on Santa's lap!
 Here are me and Brice with Santa! Brice had a meeting before the party, that is why he is all dressed up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Family Pictures

 Back in October, Brice grabbed his tripod and camera and we went and took family pictures up at Beus Pond.  It was raining, but we took pictures anyways!!  I think they turned out great.
 They are getting so big.
 I don't really like my picture, but I put one up just because.
 Brice got a picture of Ember jumping!
Me and my girls!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ember's Six Birthday

 This girl was so excited to turn six.  As you can see, Sawyer wanted in on the action. 
 Tayson and Sawyer are photo bombing the picture!!  She got an Anna dress, jewelry box, new play food, a frozen game.  She was a good trooper in the morning.  Me and Brice had eye appointments, but then we went to Applebee's for her birthday lunch.  She asked for a red cake with white frosting.  so I made cupcakes and one single cake and turned it into a 6.  I don't really creative, so I thought the six was good on my part!!  She blew the candles out before we sang to her and could get a picture.  But I love this little girl, who is not so little anymore.

Tayson made her a sign, and it says happy birthday on it.  I suppose me and Sawyer didn't need to be in the picture..  Ember is in Kindergarten and has Mrs. Venable for her teacher.  She loves taco salad and potato soup.  She loves to write her letters and play games.  She loves to use her imagination and she loves to play with Kelsie her cousin.  She is a good sister to Sawyer and misses Tayson when he is gone.  She has a big heart and a big smile.  We love you princess!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ember's First Tooth, Gone!

 Ember lost her first tooth right before her 6th birthday!!  It fell out while she was eating dinner, its a good thing she didn't swallow it.  The tooth fairy brought her a dollar for her tooth.
I had to put this picture up, she is so cute!!

First Day of School

 So this little boy, not so little anymore is in Fifth Grade!!  I can't believe it...  He would not smile normally for me!
This little girl, is in Kindergarten this year.  They grow so fast!!  She is going to Hooper Elementary and Tayson is going to Freedom Elementary. 

Weber County Fair

 It finally came. After all the hard work Tayson put in to raising a lamb, we got to go to the Weber County Fair.  The fair is four days, but some days we only went to feed the lambs and then left.  This picture is the last day of the fair.  We were waiting for Tayson to sell his lamb, so we were having lunch in the back of the van.
 Ember and Sawyer were really good sports the whole time we were there.  Ember is showing some of her prizes so got at the Library games.  She also had her face painted.
 Here is Tayson waiting to sell his lamb.
 This is what Sawyer was doing while I was helping Tayson and trying to take good pictures.
 Here he is in the arena.  UT Kilts bought Tayson's lamb.  Brice and Chad had a bidding war to get the price per pound up.  It worked and I believe Tayson got in the range of five dollars a pound.
 Here he is after he sold Rico.
 He is saying goodbye to his lamb.  He didn't think he would be sad, but he cried and I did to.  You get attached, even if the animal makes you mad most of the summer.  It was a good experience for Tayson and I am glad he got to raise a lamb.  I am saying this after three months have passed!!
This was the pen he had with Tanner's lamb.  Ember is so cute in this picture.  Good job buddy!!